About me

My name is Imanol Ossa, I studied interior design at the EINA school in Barcelona. Since 1995, when I started working in the artistic field, I have based my work on the reuse of the usual objects, creating unique pieces. I started with cutlery, bearings from my father’s workshop and materials I found in the street, transforming them into functional objects and giving them a new life.

From the beginning, my obsession was to put light to everything I found, which became a fairly important line of my work: lamp design and production.

Nowadays I also design with materials such as copper and brass, but always with the durability of the object as a premise and in the ease of repairing and recycling the materials used.

Imanol Ossa en su estudio en el barrio del Raval

My work

I would define my work as “Arts and crafts”, a tribute to the work of craftsmen, but from a more current perspective, incorporating recycling and reusing existing materials, thus playing with the memory and forms that they provide us.

With the collective Torre de Papel, I had the chance to collaborate with architects and people from other disciplines, where we developed urban installations and ephemeral projects, with the possibility of learning to work the urban scale.

With Xavier Casanova we have designed lamps for Nice Things stores.

I alternate my personal projects with orders for design and production of objects for collective spaces..

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